Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nearly the end of June...

I'm having an extraordinarily hard time being creative while frantically and non-stoppingly cleaning my house, pool, garden, etc., Somehow creative writing, the flow of ideas, and yes, the time necessary to upload photos, and do said writing, just seem out of my grasp these days.

I'm sifting through toys: my house (renters can play with), my house (under the stairwell), Erick's house, and trash. I'm dusting shelf after shelf after shelf. I'm taking note that I need more wine glasses (where did they all go???); that the neighbor's septic system is not functioning well (not this again?); that the other neighbor's well pump must have a broken air balloon (water balloon?... whatever); that my office and papers haven't been put in order in a long while, and must be before I depart here on Saturday. Will they fit under the stairwell too?

So much is already done, but so much is yet to be done. Those last minute details always take vastly more time that you can imagine. How thoroughly will I do the oven this year? Will I try to unscrew the back wall screws and clean the fan??? Am I up for that? My new bathroom sink is in place (yippee!! photos will come soon), but there's just a wee thing yet to fix... Goodness I'm lucky to have a dear friend who's a plumber!

The boys and all of us are exhausted. My young Gaetan is taking naps upon returning to the house (my 8th grader, son of goat cheese makers); Jonas collapsed in a nap in the gym while Leo and his friends were yelling and running and sending balls kareening over our heads. Leo fell asleep before dinner the other day, and Lucille basically comes home and goes right to bed, emerging in time for dinner.

Yes, it is the end of the year. The sun goes down just before 10. The sky is light and the world is alive. The wind is non-stop, stimulating and enervating in the worst sense.

Still to be done -- getting the green garbage to the dump; everyone's sheets on Friday afternoon; vacuuming the pool (and figuring out how said vacuum works...); more vacuuming and mopping of the whole house (saturday morning). another scrub of the shower and tub; packing of last suit cases, removal of last clothes... almost there... another mow of the lawn (and I'll need to water it too! the wind is wreaking havoc on my lovely green carpet!).

I'll get there, but yes, creativity is taking a dive. Hopefully, next week, once this is all handled, I'll be able to let loose the creative juices. And then, where shall I let them take me?

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