Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friends, Food, Poetry

A 50th wedding anniversary. How many get this far? and how many get this far with such love and tenderness in their eyes and gestures? They've certainly shared values, joys and wonder. The many quotes and references fly about us from Shakespeare (King Lear) to Dr. Seuss and everything in between.

Poems bring tears to all our eyes.
A royal roast pig is a joy to behold and consume.

The kitchen is in motion at all hours of the day: breakfast, clean-up, lunch, clean-up, tea time, clean up, dinner prep, drink hour, dinner, clean-up. We take turns and it all gets done.

The kids roam, swim, go tubing, read, play games, grab some chips and the normally forbidden soda, discover poker and bridge. The dogs are under foot, sneaking a bit from the floor (or a child's hand!), cuddling, playing, barking, sleeping.

The elder folk enjoy the comforts of the deck, a wide range of reading material in their hands.

wild flowers deck the cakes. Bag pipes ring in the air, song is crafted and sung.

And the values of love, consideration, tenderness, communication, respect, honor, attention, and the age-old virtue of being sure and steady waft upon the air and envelope us all.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

It sounds like a joyous celebration of a wonderful partnership.
All relationships have their ups and downs as we all know, but it seems that these two wove more ups into their daily lives and made it work.
Felicitations to the happy couple!

Take care

Madeleine Vedel said...

it was wonderful!