Monday, November 8, 2010

A foggy morning in Avignon

As Leo worked on his book summary for school Jonas and I headed out for a bit of shopping. The boys are back with me after a week at their father's, and the cupboard, if not bare, is pretty empty. I can survive on whatever's here (rice, lentils, green tomatoes from the garden, some snippets of mâche from the garden, an apple or two gleaned from the neighbor's orchards...) but they need their milk, eggs, cereal, ham. The basics if you will. I can only serve them pasta and sauce so many days a week...

As we drove out the world was in a fog. Mist lay upon the Rhône, clothing all in gray, moist dropplets, darkening the trees. We just had to stop the car and get out to photograph this mysterious world. We shared the camera back and forth. I photographed the barge, barely visible through the trees.

Jonas photographed the seaweed moving languidly in the water, a few leaves swirling on the surface above.

We both photographed the Pont d'Avignon, with and without a foreground of fall leaves.

my shot with foreground.

Jonas quite impressed me. He was seeing, attentively, looking at this world with eyes of wonder alongside his mum. Be it himself, or the Waldorf school education, he is extremely sensitive to the physical world. He is also a gifted sculptor of clay and beeswax. Okay, I'm a proud mom, but I think also one that sees clearly.

I'll be printing out some enlargements for him to bring to school and hang in his room.
Jonas' photo of the bridge

Meantime, Leo did some beautiful writing back at the house. Somehow, somewhere, a floodgate has been opened. Is it the new teacher? A new confidence in himself? I adore that the teacher encourages poetry and somehow has communicated to him (I think it is he) a pleasure in playing with language. As Leo described an evil character in his book, he used a phrase unique to himself (I do believe) 'du miel empoisonné', poisoned honey. Fascinating... I don't know that he intellectually gets all that he has communicated, but the phrase was absolutely 'juste' for the character in question. An evil woman who hides behind a slippery, sweet-voiced exterior... hm.

T'was a fruitful and artistic morning.


Zuleme said...

really like the "poisoned honey"

Nathalie said...

We had thick fog in l'isle sur sorgue too but when we drove to Gordes - pffffew all gone, bright sunshine.
Only to find fog again when we arrived in Avignon. Weird.

Madeleine Vedel said...

Thank you Zuleme! yes, I was pretty impressed. But he has a teacher who is encouraging a lot of poetry out of them -- imagery, playing with words... I love it!

And Nathalie -- t'is normal... water=fog, up in the hills, it melts away.

Trishia said...

Oh much I should be doing but ... I can't tear myself away:) My daughter and I share great memories of our trip to Avignon and that bridge. The fog, the ambiance you captured there -- a parallel here at my home just last week. We could not see the river at all, nor the hills across the way, for the thickness of the clouds. All day it was a changing canvas with pine trees getting to peek through every once in awhile ....Ahhh and your friend Nathalie is in Isle sur la Sorgue. LUV that place!