Sunday, January 2, 2011

The kids are back

The holidays when you are divorced are always a bit strange. The week from Christmas day till New Year's day I spent either with a girl friend, or alone at home working on the walls of the downstairs' room, or out dancing the tango. More about these last in future posts.

And then, at last, normalcy came back to my house. From quiet, alone time, time for meditation, yoga, listening to Women on the Edge of Evolution tele-series on my ipod, deepening my soul, my understanding of life, eating minimally whatever was within reach... I became a mother again, a head of household, responsible for others besides myself.

The boys are back, gifts in hand, filthy and in need of baths both, filled with more chocolate than a Swiss citizen, in good spirits, content and at ease. They enjoyed their time with their papa, and they're happy to be home. From the little princes that they were for a week, they're back in the world of emptying dishwashers, setting tables, cleaning their rooms, putting away laundry, washing pots, and generally helping out.

But they're also back to Mom who has movie nights in bed on her Macbook. And this week's choices were Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and the Lucille Ball version of Mame. And they being my sons, even though Leo's first choice for a film was Bad Boys II (Will Smith et. al.) they totally got into my selections.

Leo was riveted to Al Gore's analysis. Jonas got quite a bit of it, and discussions ensued as to why their Mom has chosen to live so small when friends back in the US have so much and it's such a cool thing to have all that. They learned what a glacier is -- and that they may never see one. They learned about automobiles and emissions, about rising water levels (no Jonas, it isn't equivalent to a huge meteor hitting Earth). They paid attention, particularly Leo, and absorbed what they could. A film to be revisited perhaps next year?

And then Mame, songs and all. Open a window and let the air in, be open-minded, be your own person, live life, accept all challenges with a smile and grace and creativity, find like-minded people, don't be a snob....

I didn't do it on purpose, but I do think I've begun this New Year by sharing with my two children my deepest self, my most profound philosophy, my personal heroes and what makes me tick.

Where to from here?


Nathalie said...

Hi Madeleine,

No post since January 2nd - are you OK? Very busy with work, love life, motherly duties ?



Trishia said...

Bonjour, Madeleine,
I'm in Oregon, USA and I found your blog via Shane in New Zealand. How's that for a circuitous route:) You live in my favorite region of France. I'm a former journalist and diehard Francophile trying to make a living from my love of antique French postcards. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know I'll likely be peeking around every so often. Luv the pics! Good luck in your teaching challenges!

Denise Altobello said...

How parallel our lives sometimes are, kiddo! Movie nights in New Orleans were most special when they included just my two boys and me. How much we all learned about one another and the world from those funny popcorn-enhanced Sunday evenings. Auntie Mame is my personal favorite too, Madeleine. "Open a New Window" played in my brain first through my divorce and then during my (now grown) sons' teenage disappointments. Savor the moments. They grow up so quickly. But they always come back even as we find new windows. Take care!

Madeleine Vedel said...

Dear Trishia, You are most welcome! and how grand to have you here. Thank you for your encouragement! take care - Madeleine