Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning Never Ends

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How to start off the week? Windows open and duster out. A day for turning out all the covers of the boys' beds. A day to vacuum every corner, under the beds, behind the toy boxes. A time to finally dust the book shelves (well it's been since September...), and snag all those spider webs hanging from the beams. When I read to the boys last night in their room, I nearly died from sneezing, and then, Jonas came tiptoeing into my room and bed complaining of the spiders. Yup, it was time. It took a couple of hours this morning, flipping over the mattresses and vacuuming them too. Shaking the covers out the window, and taking all the rest, pillows included, and tossing them in the washing machine (I'm on the 4th run today). It's bright, sunny and spectacular outdoors, so I've been able to hang everything out to dry and air.

Once outside, the compost pile called to me. Strange I know, but it looked rather dry and forlorn over there. So I went with hose in hand and started to drench it, turn it, drench it, turn it. Apparently I messed up this winter. I'd read that wood ashes are good for the garden, and also compost. So, I'd put them all together. The result is a very dry compost pile that has most definitely not degraded as it should have. So, with hope, I spent a good half hour drenching it and turning it over with the pitch fork. Perhaps it will all work out in the end? In any case, the season of wood ashes is nearly over (a small fire in the stove in the morning, perhaps at dinner time, but that's it). And I'm still making lots of soups, salads and vegetable dishes, so the food waste will soon outweigh the dry ashes.

I watered my peas again -- hopefully a few plants will come up soon. The weeds are certainly looking healthy. I did think I'd removed most of them the other day, but apparently, without sufficient vigor. I'm looking at my lawn now -- growing longer by the day. I really should get out the mower, but, the wild daisies are just so cool! I'm not yet ready to rip off their heads. And then there's the fence and little door at the foot of the garden. Two of the stakes holding it up need to be replaced. Time and the joyous arrival of Saline -- the large friend of Filou's -- have taken their tole.

There's always something to do. I think the last laundry machine is awaiting me now.

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