Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Bounty

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It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Fresh picked peas oozing sugar and flavor, the first local strawberries. Both need nearly no preparation. A bit of shucking for the one-- a great task to pass to the kids--, minimal cooking (either steamed or a short boil), or not. Fresh in my salad they add a sweet and lovely crunch.

And the strawberries? just rinsed and nibbled on whenever I walk by. My own out in the yard are still green, though there are at least a dozen that will be ready in maybe a week or ten days? Depending on the sun and heat. The only virtue of my now no longer living fig tree is that its leaves won't shade the strawberry bushes. Now, if I can only keep my snails at bay... I'm not up for putting lids of beer for them to drown, but I did hear that a bit of ashes sprinkled about the base could deter them a bit. We'll see.

The farm around the corner is slowly starting to have all my spring favorites. The asparagus is there, both skinny green and fat white/purple. They're selling some zucchini too -- but that must be from the greenhouses. However, I did grab some and prepared it simply for the boys. It had a lovely, sweet and delicate flavor. Hints of summer to come.

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