Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friends to the Rescue

Yesterday I finished that last load of laundry and headed to Mireille's. My horse whisperer to the rescue. Hours later, and half a bottle quaffed of Beaurenard Châteauneuf-du-Pape white that I'd brought along, we were side by side chatting and exchanging and sharing. She's very good for helping reinforce my memories of all that wasn't going right. She is faithful, funny, generous, present, willing, and full of compliments and support for me.

Mireille is there to sooth me, to encourage me towards future pursuits, to suggest that my preference for being in a couple might not be the ideal solution for me (at least at the moment), and more simply Mireille is there for me.

I slept a short night, but lay in bed till the sun was properly up before heading out to greet my renters (lovely former b&b clients!), and then off to Carol's.

Carol, a darling Scottish friend is a yoga teacher, therapist and life-coach. She greeted me with a marvelous long walk, lengthy and easy talking, and a soothing Yin yoga session upon our return to her home. It was just lovely enough to do our yoga outside on the terrace (hard to imagine with the weather we'd been having!).

And here I am, all talked out, bathed, a fire roaring in her majestic stone fireplace, cozily sitting on a plush couch, Filou at my feet, a Crozes Hermitage Rouge in my glass, awaiting a lovely dinner of ginger and cider spiced pumpkin soup, spinach tart, and her daughter's birthday cake.

How extraordinary to be received, coddled, accepted into the homes of my friends. And how grateful I am. I am not a hermit. Hiding out on my own is not how I get through tough times. These moments are for re-connecting, reaching out to those who are there, and testing new possibilities.

Discussions for Provence Hiking and Yoga Retreats are on the table. Next? Perhaps the inspiration to put back a long morning hike and some meditative chanting into my life...


Zuleme said...

It sounds like you and JP were on different planets at times like that.
I think that can happen with any couple (like us after a video shoot, I'll be thinking whew, that went well, and then he'll come up with everything that went wrong). But if it happens a lot it just shows where the problems are and will always be in a relationship.
Women friends are priceless.

Madeleine Vedel said...

hmm I do so agree.

Annette said...

You've been in France a lot longer than I was, but whenever stuff like this happened, I tried really hard to remind myself: I'm in frickin' France! You're pretty amazing, and you're in the land of (expat's) dreams, so do what you gotta do (FOR YOU! I haven't even ever met you but I'm still so proud you were looking out for your own best interests) and keep on keepin' on!

Madeleine Vedel said...

Thank you Annette, I'm doing my best.