Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leo, minus the mustache

As we hung out for an hour or more working our way across Avignon, I took a moment to photograph my now clean-shaven twelve year old.

Believe you me, his mustache was dark and thick! He rarely noticed it till our female boarders teased him (gently) about it. With the help of our thirteen year old girl, and a plastic green razor (new) from my pink packet of razors, he carefully removed his facial hair. T'was the night before the school photos after all.

However, cut his hair? No, he prefers the long bangs in your eyes look. And don't get me started on the time he spends in front of the bathroom mirror after every shower combing and re-combing and shaking those bangs!


Martha Ann said...

What a beautiful boy, soon to be a beautiful man. This one is going to break many a heart.

Madeleine Vedel said...

Yes, he's pretty soulful, loves women, and prides himself on being gentle with girls... I feel though it might be he who has his heart broken first though!