Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Windy Walk one Afternoon

For this afternoon's walk I left my home and went west past the fields of my neighborhoods, now handsomely planted in winter wheat. From there I took a turn by my local garage to pay my outstanding bill for the spark plug repairs, and then across the road to the Western side of the island. It is far less appealing to walk along this side, but the views are beautiful nonetheless. Le Fort Saint André is perched high on a rock looking back at Avignon across the low lands of my island. There are a few house boats hooked up, including what looks to be a fun place for a dinner out. Before I got to the gypsies' camp, I turned back East towards Avignon, and my preferred little dirt paths between the trees, as always, faithful Filou at my side.

My local water bird (tern? -- where's my ornithologist brother when you need him...) is on his usual perch. The winter light is so brief, so sharp, so white. Just ten days now till the Solstice... Each morning I note that the lowering sun on the horizon over Avignon as we cross the bridge on our way to school. Today, no round, bright ball to blind me. Nothing but a few streaks of golden clouds.


Zuleme said...

and here we are under a foot of fresh snow.

Anonymous said...

Lovely images. I think France in late autumn is a very special place.

Madeleine Vedel said...

Snow? Ah yes, North America. Apparently you've all gotten quite a bit! From Vermont to Michigan... will there be any when I get there?

And yes, France is rather marvelous in the autumn... it is quiet, local, a bit other. You see hunters out and about (not my favorite site I must say), and the wood piles are well stocked and ready for the cold, windy nights. Good, strong red wine is a lovely companion.