Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow in March in Provence?

I didn't believe my eyes, nor the weather report, and most certainly not those first flakes that began to fall. But then I awoke from a lovely nap to see curtains of heavy white flakes swirling about outside. But, this is March! What's up? This is far from normal. I've experienced snow storms in NY on Easter, but in Provence?

The kids are way psyched -- school is closed (of course!) The locals (unless they come from the Haute Savoie or the Jurah) are incapable of driving in this weather, and in any case, nearly no one has snow tires. So, home we are, the stove well stocked with wood to burn throughout the day. A quite moment, though the wind is still howling outside. Do I dare go out for a walk with the dogs? When the wind calms... but I've left my great snow boots from Boston in Avignon. Will sneakers do?

And yesterday we'd planned on going out to dance the tango... But I've memories of driving in a snow storm years' ago across Nîmes to pick my mother up at the train station. A frightening experience to put it mildly. Those ditches along every road are simply too deep and too close to the asphalt! Instead we danced in the salon, pushing aside all the furniture. T'was certainly better than nothing.

Today, I suppose I should start working on my US taxes (yes, a bit late, but there's not much to calculate this year). I will also investigate US import laws for wine, whether and how many samples I can bring in when I come over for the IACP conference in Portland, OR in April. Oh yes, there is always something to do on a quiet day. Such as put up a blog post or two, particularly considering the dearth of such these past few weeks.

There's also the possibility of a bit more cuddling...


Airelle said...

yes, I at least as a "local" can't drive in this weather (and the fact that it says "Finnish" on my passport makes no difference) since I passed my driver's licence in Provence and are not equipped for driving in the snow. And so I got caught - again - in Arles by the snow this sunday. Am I happy for an extra free day or sad for a dent in my salary? at least I am as surprised as you, I was keenly waiting for the Spring.

Madeleine Vedel said...

Even the Finnish would have difficulty in a world where no one else is experienced with snow, it's super icey, there's no salt, no sand, and no snow tires! Not to mention plows... I trust spring will return! I'm almost out of wood to burn!!

Gillian said...

How dare it snow in Provence in March - this is not in my dream of France, or Ireland for that matter. While I loved, loved, loved the novelty of the beautiful snowy landscape when we had snow, enough is enough- time for things to warm up, to get sunnier now. As in France, Ireland was pretty paralyzed by ice and snow this winter - and flooding. We're used to mild and wet winters, this reversal to winters of old has taken everyone by shocked surprise, it's discombobulating to say the least. Can't imagine what people in Chile and Haiti are going through when such mild blips caused havoc here (I crashed my car in the flooding - very weird when a familiar road turns into a fast flowing river....) and psychological upheaval. Your last image of a snowy landscape with the roof at the bottom right of the frame is beautiful.