Friday, April 2, 2010

Les Projets Techniques

One of the great things that the Steiner school here in Sorgues/Avignon does is the projets techniques of the 9th grade class. The range of objects produced with non-invasive mentoring and huge effort on the part of the students is impressive to say the least. Here is a sampling:

An electric guitar
Bag pipes (each piece of wood individually turned, different colored woods...)
a bed (gorgeously finished, with exotic wood inserts, intelligently conceived, easy to assemble and dismantle)
an axe -- hammered, folded, hammered, folded, and put on its own sanded and sculpted handle.
a surfboard
a stereo sound system
and a surreal go-cart/car/moto-scooter!

You can imagine the amazement and admiration they garner from the younger classes!