Saturday, July 24, 2010

Feminine Power Web Seminar

The link is here feminine power seminar

I've been following this seminar now for five weeks. It is an astonishing and gracious and generous world of women. Quite extraordinary and inspiring. I came upon it by being on the emailing list for Dr. Jean Houston ( and thought, hm, I'm going through some interesting/tough times, why not? I too am seeking inspiration, direction, collaboration, encouragement, clarity. I too will benefit from tools to focus me, strengthen me, reassure me and give me the courage to go forth to share the gifts I have to offer.

And so it is. Weekly there is a two hour seminar, then two question and answer sessions, plus the web based forum where people exchange and share and simply write in. There are weekly questions to ponder and recommendations for keeping a notebook. Power statements (as opposed to affirmations) to define and integrate.

I am in contact with women shamans in Canada, inspired yoga teachers and coaches in Australia, midwives in India, and vastly more. A reservoir of a thousand women seeking to be more, to be all they can be.

It is quite incredible. And all this I have on my iphone in mp3s, and on my computer in pdfs.

Take a look friends. If for nothing else, I deeply appreciate the mastery of language by the two women who run this seminar, Claire and Katherine. The graciousness and skill with which they receive and honor each question, the conviction and passion and love with which they share their knowledge and encouragement.

Such simple ideas, and yet so powerful.

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