Saturday, July 24, 2010

A summer of Tango Bals

And so I return to the world of tango. The outer world. The one I visited only in the company of JP and in which I wasn't particularly at ease.

The summer is a time of many outdoor bals tango. Tango en plein air. But not in Avignon. Here we have the theatre festival and the city hasn't given permission to the tango associations to have outdoor events on the glorious Place du Palais or elsewhere. Ah well.

And so, I travel. And I return to the places of yore. I return to the places I frequented only in the company of JP. At first a bit frightened. I contacted a new friend and asked that we dine together beforehand. I was hesitant to be there. And yes, within minutes I saw JP. We waved and I stayed by my friends.

But then I arrived on the piste, the dance floor. And from a place I knew not was in me I found the courage to catch the eyes of a cavalier and nod yes, let us dance. Someone I'd never seen before. After a tanga of four dances we graciously went on to new partners. I saw, greeted, gave the kisses to and plopped myself in front of every person, female and male, that I've crossed paths with over the last two years in the world of tango. And, I danced the night away.

Ahhhhh. No, I didn't dance with JP. He didn't invite me. He says he meant to but... when he came towards me and I asked if he intended to invite me, he replied in the negative. So I said, no problem, I was just about to dance with D. And off I went.

Rarely before did I stay till so late. Rarely before did I dance nearly every dance. But now, three nights in a row and for I trust two more, I am dancing my heart away. I am present, enjoying the women, enjoying the men. Simply happy to be there. No further agenda. I'm not looking for a lover. I'm not in need. I just want to dance. I am invited but many an unknown, I invite those I've known for years. It's a lovely feeling.

I am welcomed back into a world that barely knew me. I sense the shift in my presence, in myself. Where before I was scared, shy, anxious, in the shadow of JP, now I am there, on my own, in the strength and confidence of being a better dancer. I don't feel childish and at odds. Though I do occasionally let slip an 'oops' when I mess up. However, I no longer take it completely upon myself. The guidage of my partner must be clear as well for me to react and complete the gestures.

And off I go, meeting new and lovely people, sharing special moments, joyous and present. What a gift the universe is offering me! And yes, I did manage to find a lovely pair of simple black summer tango shoes on sale half price this summer. They're getting a work-out!

For those who are curious tango in this region is possible nearly all over. Here's the schedule as I know it now:

Wednesday : tango in Montpellier in front of the museum
Thursday : tango in Nimes at the Place du Chapitre
Friday : tango in Nimes at the Place d'Assas
Saturday : Tango in Martigues by the canals
Sunday : tango in Aubais at the winery Aubais Mema and in Aix

This week is the Tango Guinguette in Caromb by the Lac du Paty.


Anonymous said...

Hi Madeleine. I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't commented until now.
I'm an American who used to live in Avignon that I followed to his country after a year of his study abroad in the States. Now I am back here and learning tango.
I have a job offer in Nîmes next year. I'm excited to see there is tango there! Could you give e the page where it has the schedules?
Many thanks!!!!

Sini said...

Hi! I just crossed to your blog, it's really nice to find other bloggers from Avignon! I'm from Finland and living here too.

Also, what is funny, my friend is a tango teacher in one theather in Avignon!


The Sabbatical Chef said...

I am happy to read that you are dancing away!
A friend who works in Nîmes told me that he went to Caromb over the weekend and enjoyed the music and watching all the tango-ers! I thought you might be one of them.
I miss Provence terribly... maybe next summer!