Saturday, September 26, 2009

Planetary interference?

What's with this moment in time? A friend says the planets and stars are aligned in such as way as to render these last two weeks of September difficult. Hmmm. Is that why there are so many crazy and angry drivers on the road? And no, I'm not driving particularly worse than normal. I might be a wee distracted, weary, etc., but I still operate a vehicle conscientiously. So? Is it a time to stay home? Perhaps even stay in bed? There are days I wonder.

The kids seem over their moments of adolescent angst and anxiety -- for the time being. Next week, of course, will hold all sorts of possibilities for further clashes. Jonas is intact and cuddly. Leo is realizing -- with ever so much resistance -- that perhaps he needs to go to bed a bit earlier than 10PM? Since waking up is so painful at 7:30 the next morning, perhaps 9 1/2 - 10 hours sleep just isn't enough? He just might not be an invincible early teenager, no matter how much he wants to equate being older with having the right to stay up late.

I applaud heartily that he wants to read in bed (yippee!!!), but could we do that at 9PM? not 9:30? and certainly not at 10pm? How to accept limitations? Can we be reasonable? Probably not for at least another ten years. He is, after all, only twelve. And he's getting quite gifted at holding onto that last thought before sleep (I'm not getting up tomorrow! so there!) till the morning when I am there, urging precisely that. And goodness he's getting physically so much bigger! I'm amazed I can still get him to do anything. Thank goodness for learned behaviors.

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