Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A day with Leo

Jonas is with his friend till this afternoon. So yesterday Leo and I had one of those rare evenings (and today mornings) with just the two of us. We snuggled down to read another chapter of The Lightning Thief -- almost finished-- and then went on to watch one of my favorite kids' films, My Side of the Mountain. I'd fogotten that it takes place way back in perhaps 1969? or earlier? In any case, though the cars and clothing styles are quite dated, the story still resonates for a little boy the same age as the protagonist. Can you really live off the land alone? Is it a true story? Many times since Leo has told me how much he appreciated the film.

There is hope after Transformers, Chainsaw Masacre (I can't believe it, but a friend of his showed him this last week!) and Dofus.

It was a special Mom and son evening and with him there, I slept like a baby, grounded, at peace.

Today was errands' day. The first was to drop off the car for some last repairs. From there, on foot, into town and the tax office, the employment office, and the grocery. Leo accompanied me for all this. So 8:30 on the dot, out the door we were, Filou at our side. From the garage we were off for our walking excursion across our island, across the bridge and into the ramparts. Leo pleasantly at my side, holding my hand.

Me and my big boy who is already 164cm! He nearly tops his dad, though not quite. So I suppose we were an odd sight, but I wasn't going to discourage the hand-holding. It was simply too lovely. Though the morning was long, my meetings went well, and we were back in good spirits, enjoying the light as it turned to warmth and a beautiful blue sky.

Goodness I'm grateful for my kids! And you know, they seem to love me too!

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Zuleme said...

Sounds like a good day out together.
I loved My Side of the Mountain and it probably had something to do with ending up in the mountains surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest.