Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teamwork hits the nail on the head

When you see kids sitting around looking bored. When they start doing silly things like slamming doors and causing plaster to fall. When the teasing gets a bit out of hand. When you've a collection of young people in your home and you have no TV, nor do you permit computer or other electronic games. Well, they need to be occupied.

There I was with lots of spare wood from my friend's house, and at least five bicycles that would last out the winter weather far more happily in a shed. So, to work.

Time to build a bike shed as an add-on to our store bought garden shed. Time to get creative, to put all hands to work. Time to solve our small dilemma and involve all in the process.

It's not quite finished -- we've still to put the roof on -- but it is far advanced and it quite did its job of bringing together my disparate pre-teens into a functioning team of upbeat workers.

Between bike sheds and piling up 7 cords of wood, we're getting somewhere. Truly, the more often I can get them working as a team, the better the whole household functions. I keep thinking of my cousins and their wall-building/ step-fixing/ roof-cleaning projects. They truly had something there!

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