Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Limits: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

Do you work till you drop? Give till there's nothing more to give? Exercise till the body is melting with fatigue? Does the body indicate your limits by becoming sick? collapsing? sending out unambiguous signals.

Or, do you know when the work day is over. Give only what you have available. Offer only what you have to spare. And, physical health is a given, never a worry. Nights are calm, sleep is solid.

And if you put the two in the same room? balance? complimentarity? or complete miscomprehension?



Zuleme said...

I used to go in many different directions all at the same time, pursuing creative ambitions. After 50, I started losing the ambition and the energy. I've been able to become more focused lately by dividing everything I do into a few categories.

Things I need to do, things that are meaningful and make me happy when I am doing them, and things that would make me happy in the future. I seem to need something to dream about as a goal. (right now that is learning French, returning to France in the future, and finding a way to get some beach time next year)

That has helped me somewhat to stop exhausting myself and focus on being in the present and happy with it.

Today, maybe making carrot soup for us and the parents, which everyone would enjoy and I would enjoy their enjoyment. Plus video editing for a favorite client, photos for 2 non-profit animal groups and shipping out two orders for my husband's new business. And hugging my cats when they find me in the studio.

But now, a half hour of exercise bike with a good audio book.

Zuleme said...

I also find it helps my well being if I try to enjoy whatever I am doing at the time I am doing it. That becomes a challenge every day when I am heading in one direction and then have to switch gears to do something else. Which is probably what being a mother requires also.
That sounds kind of zen like, which I'm not, so it is a daily challenge but it helps everyday to try to be content in the present rather than saying to yourself, I'm miserable now but I'll be happy when...

Madeleine Vedel said...

I'm working at finding the balance. But with finances so difficult, stress is a factor, and I find myself quite distracted and weary. Just haven't found the right direction yet, or? ah well. it will come eventually. take care