Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life, the Universe and Car Maintenance

What is it? I truly think I'm under the dark cloud of car troubles these days. Over and beyond my difficulties -- and I'll list the most recent of these:

- a short-circuiting starter which provoked numerous frustrations and moments of glum, not to mention a tidy sum at the garage.
- an old clutch in need of replacement (done)
- a gas gauge that no longer works (I found out the hard and rather expensive way after konking out on the highway by the Rhône on the way back from school during rush hour today....)
- a scratched rental car (the branches over my beekeeper's road hadn't been pruned this summer...)

Simply my presence in a car is getting worrisome - my friend's clutch cable snapped yesterday when we were out picking up supplies for my chicken coop to be.

It's enough to make me want to return to my (very happy) bicycling days of yore. But, I'm no longer solo. Kids, stuff, clients, shopping for a household... hard to imagine my life without a vehicle of sorts. However I am beginning to wonder if I might be able to trade in my large 9-seater for at least a more reasonable 5 seater. And yet, I've just begun dating a man with two kids of his own... It's pretty cool to be able to transport us all with ease, plus bikes and dog.

What's it going to be? Time for a change, it's certain, but???

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