Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Lubéron in the Rain

Even on a rainy day there are things to see, places to explore in the Luberon, particularly if you are well-shod. And so we were as we descended the tiny cobbled streets of Gordes to the ancient washing areas below. A dramatic water fall greeted us, as well as saturated textures and mostly empty vistas.

In Roussillon the sun came out to greet us as we shared a coffee and pastry on a tiny terrace (few spots are open on Mondays, but there's always at least one!)


Flotsam Friends said...

Wow, all this at your doorstep. So different from my part of the world. What an adventure. Pruxxx

Madeleine Vedel said...

Where is home for you? And yes, all this is but an hour's drive for me. Outings for kids and friends as well as clients. I do appreciate it!
- Madeleine

Trishia said...

Madeleine, if it's OK with you, I hope to be linking to some of your blog posts. I've started writing some of my travel memories every Tuesday on my blog. Is the 'Someone in Texas Loves Me' sticker still on the front door of the little store in Gordes?!ha!
Great photos!

Madeleine Vedel said...

Of course Trisia, you may link to any you'd choose to. As for that sticker... I'll take a look next visit and let you know!