Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chivalry in young boys -- there's hope for the future!

Chivalry is not dead, at least not in my boys. Leo graciously kept Dany, the 12 year old neighbor and friend, company in a prickly patch of berries when Jonas, Mandy (Dany's little sister) and I strayed further ahead. And later, when the girls wanted accompanying on their way home, Jonas--my little seven-year-old Jonas--rowed them all the way home! And it has only been in the past few days that he’s mastered rowing and kayaking. What a child! Swimming may be scary to him – he’s still not ducked his head under water—but boats, well, he’s a regular Wind in the Willows child, happily mucking and messing about in boats!

Not to be deterred, Leo faced the currants and canoed over to the girls' dock the next day to pick them up for a swimming/water moment at our beach.

Ah, it brings joy to a mother's heart (and Gramma is pretty darn proud too).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......

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