Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A day for sailing

Or rather a summer. Whether I wanted to or not, I sailed our little sunfish back across the lake with Leo yesterday. My mother is being the super-Gramma and teaching him all sorts of good things this summer. Amongst others, he has now had his maiden voyage at the helm of our little green sunfish.

However, that said, the wind blew him away from our cove. For a time, he didn't notice and I must say, nor did we. However, it soon became clear that he wasn't able to get back home. From afar we could see he was valiantly trying, but due to the direction of the wind, was actually heading further and further towards Round Island.

So, out we went, Ma and me, in the little motor boat for a rescue mission. I actually managed to transfer boats without being dunked. -- Yes, it might have been more glamorous to dive in and simply lift myself up onto his boat, but hey, as I was able to manoeuver otherwise, I did.

Leo was pleased to see us, yet in a very good mood no matter the struggles he'd been having. No fits, no major crises, no serious loss of pride. And so I took over the little tiller and the sale and explained to him that it would take a while, but home we would eventually get.

It was long and as angled tacks as possible, the tight zig zag. Each tack bringing us just a breath towards the northern side of the lake. There was many a luff, and a moment of calm. We'd zip along, and sit idly, and at all times, I headed us as far up as I could.

A good lesson, hm? Got to pay attention to that wind. So we observed the curl of the water atop the waves, watched as we came into a strong breeze, and eventually, sailed right onto our beach. Ahhh

Then I popped up to the house to make my carrot cake.


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