Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My last morning in Michigan

Yes, it was a rather rainy summer in Northern Michigan. I worry about the local wine harvest. Where I come from, this much rain means mildew. Though, there were also lots of windy mornings to minimizes the damage, and cooler temperatures, so the excess humidity perhaps was offset, at least a bit. Should it ever rain as much in Provence during the month of July, it would be catastrophic.

But here in the woods, the calm dripping of the drops from the trees to the pine needle-covered ground is soothing. The mist on the water rather lovely and meditative. And a fire in the fireplace, hot coffee in my hands, and a good book perfectly accompanied by the pecking woodpeckers and yodeling loons.

However, it most definitely has been a summer filled with Monopoly, Chess, books, knitting, and trips to the cinema, far more than precedent years.

And now, back to sunny Provence -- and a 10 degree (Celsius) shift up!

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