Sunday, August 9, 2009

A marvelous Mediterranean gathering in N. Michigan

Let it not be said that this part of the world does not know how to eat! A feast of wondrous proportions, shared by gentle and fascinating folk with the braying of happy goats and a gobbling turkey as musical accompaniment occurred Friday last. Joy, generosity, happy children, a perfect summer evening, and warmth both affective and atmospheric were the order of the day. Not a jell-o salad in sight. Garden fresh produce, lovingly wrapped pastries and grape leaf rolls. Home-made bread, local wines and rich local ice cream from a favorite source.

How precious to share such moments, and such food! And following Michael Pollan's most recent observation, those who cook from scratch don't take up two seats. But their eyes shine, and their arms reach out, and laughter is quick to come. The children explored the farm, aped animal voices, and happily ate brown bread, sweet butter, and just a wee bit of salad -- in anticipation of the ice cream of course.

Mary and Dick -- the goat cheese makers of Northern Michigan -- invited Nancy and Bill (cook and artist), Meg and Jerry (textile artists), Nel (culinary wonder and Meg's daughter), Nel's two daughters and her brother and his friend, Mary's daughter, and a few lovely other folk to partake in and share this feast. I was a last minute add-on with my boys, and most happily so.


Emily said...

Looks delicious! And that last scene looks right out of Sunset Magazine. Do you have family in Michigan? (My parents are from northern Indiana.) Although I seem to recall you saying your mom taught French in New York(?) For how long are you in the States? Let me know if you ever come out to the SF area. I'm right in Michael Pollan territory. :-) Would love to see you again!

Anonymous said...

good one ....thanks for sharing..

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Anonymous said...

Madeleine where are the recipes for these pictures of the chickpea salad and cucumber, tomato?

Madeleine Vedel said...

I'll get them and post them soon. They were good!