Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunflowers ready to harvest

Have you ever wondered what ripe sunflowers look like? We all glory in the beauty and majesty of these tall yellow suns early July, but, they stay in the field far past their fading as the farmers await the ripening of the seeds. Sunflowers are planted for their oil, though appreciated by many a florist. And, out my door, by my home, in full view of my swimming pool, lining many a road throughout the region, these sad soldiers are soon to be beheaded as now, and only now, are they finally ripe. Bright and cheery they are no longer, but wizened and textured, aged and matured by the hot hummer sun and the minimal to no rainfall. Yet another cycle of life: from the much-touted, golden youth, to the richness of age and maturity.

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