Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carnival at the Waldorf School!

All the school's a play... or at least the entire school is in costume playing their respective roles. Jonas' class was inspired by their reading of the Fables of La Fontaine. Jonas, when nudged by one of his best friends, agreed to be the tortoise -- which somehow seems fitting for his personality. Throughout his class there were pairs of animals: a lion and a mouse, an ant and a cicada, a fox and a crow, a city rat and his cousin the country rat, a rooster, a cat and a...

A most active role the teacher took in becoming herself the rooster (quite a magnificent one she was!). With some candy to pay their way, they went out into the school yard, transformed into a country fair, complete with gypsies and their caravans (the older classes) an organic cotton candy (here known as barbe à papa) stand, palm readers, tests and games of all sorts, snacks and drinks (provided by we parents) and oodles more. It was a day of fun for everyone.
At first I was worried that Jonas would be a bit odd about his chosen costume. We'd put it together as a four man project: I bought the paints and found the cardboard. I drew the oval and gave suggestions for mixing paints, designing the shape. And then Mael helped Jonas with the back shell, and an hour later or so I saw Leo out there helping him paint the front shell. His little hat had been made by himself in class alongside his friends who in most cases had ears or a mane to attach to it.

According to his teacher, he removed his cumbersome and mobility-limiting costume but once or twice for certain games, and then donned it again. I shouldn't be so surprised, he does know the tale, and of course in the end, though the rabbit/hare be faster, he wins the race.

When I recounted this day's events to JP he commented on the very clear differences between my two boys. If Jonas is happy being the tortoise, Leo is most definitely more akin to the hare. And, at least Jonas is quite okay with that.

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earthboysblog said...

Hello Madeleine, Lovely to come across your blog. We are planning to move to the South of France, around the St. Afriqque area.. not sure if I have the spelling right. Am researching waldorf inspired blogs and families. My husband is French, we presently own an organic horse/dairy farm in Dominican Republic. I will visit your space again. Jeanene