Thursday, February 25, 2010


I like to be in movement. I like to help. I like to be productive. It's perhaps due to my Protestant upbringing, or simply a restless nature, or a bit of the girl scout in me.

In any case, if there are walls to sand, walls to paint, boards to nail, floors to polish, a garden to rake or weed, you can count on me.

And so, this being winter vacation, my close friend Martine is here again working on her eco-home that I photographed back in October/November. Most of the woodworking is finished, and these past two weeks we've been finishing the dry wall in the kitchen and the downstairs' den. We taped the gaps, plastered and sanded and plastered and sanded for four days last week (talking all the while as girlfriends will, my Itunes shuffle playing away to keep us motivated).

Today, I had a full day to offer as my kids are in school and I can put off a few differently productive projects till next week. So, I showed up ready to take the paint brush and roller and help as I could. I came complete with a batch of spiced/raisin and toasted almond rice that I'd made up the night before (rice cooker in hand), my tunes, and my willing arms.

The first coat of the kitchen is done, and a good chunk of the den. Not happy with the results atop the plaster/board/tape Martine had opted to put up strips of fiber glass as a uniform painting surface. So before I was able to paint, we finished a number of these strips. Fascinating. I'd never imagined that you could use fiber glass in such a way. I associate it with patching boats, and itchy bottoms if you sit atop it without a towel beneath you.

Always something to learn in this life.

I've no new photos... white walls aren't particularly exciting to document.

Now, if only Martine were here full time and could help me paint Jonas' room and work in my garden...


Gillian said...

A white room can be fascinating to photograph in colour (particularly colour transparency) as the light changes temperature throughout the day, so the colour of the room changes. Our eyes (or rather our minds) don't notice so much as the film's objective registration of the change occurring. PS Wish I had a friend with such willing hands to jump in to help with my house's call to decoration.

Madeleine Vedel said...

most definitely! though easier with a film camera than with digital... I'll photograph her home further during spring break. And apparently we've a small stone wall to build this summer...with herringbone pattern!