Monday, February 8, 2010

Sun in my room

This is a magical moment of the year. When school vacation begins, we are still awaking in the dark, moving a bit zombie-like as we scramble to get ready for school, warm up the house, get out the door.

During these two weeks of winter break, the sun catches up with us. These past three mornings the internal clock has me up at 7, and low and behold, the sun is coming to join me. Brilliant orange skies flood into my little bedroom window to the East.

Jonas sat upright mesmerized yesterday. And this morning, I was quite blinded by the orange ball itself, right within my view.

I shifted the placement of my bed this year, to benefit from a view of trees rather than the neighbor's wall. It was JP's suggestion, and a good one.

For too many months now it has been dark, gray, misty. At last the sun is back. And with it unbelievable clouds of dust are visible in my room! mmm just a little reminder that I need to pull out the vaccuum up here and not just down in the more 'public' rooms?

For the moment, the timing is perfect: light and orange glory about 7AM, the sun itself just before 8. However, much as I love the light, I also love to sleep. T'is possible I'll have to start contemplating getting a curtain next week!


Betty C. said...

This seems so early for school holiday but then again, ours is next week. I wish I had them off but I have to work -- of course daughters are older, 16 and 18, I have some nice memories of times I did have les vacances scolaires off with them.

Madeleine Vedel said...

Betty, The vacations are staggered here -- so it's likely that this year the Vaucluse has the earliest two weeks, and other regions will start next week, and/or even the week after. And yes, I treasure this time to share with the boys (or to be completely alone) during their vacations. It will not always be so, and back when I ran the b&b and cooking school, it certainly wasn't the case. Riches come as they may.