Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knocked about by une Rhûme

Well, after an autumn filled with stress and fatigue, but remarkably free of colds, the flu, tummy upsets, etc., I seem to have been felled by a nasty one. Oh it's passing, so I shouldn't complain too much. But three nights of minimal sleep, the painful sinus passages, either dripping or completely blocked up, just feeling yucky. I could have easily and pleasurably skipped this moment of bed-rest and enforced slow-down.

Yesterday I made use of my bedrest by working on the memoir proposal, re-working texts, re-orgaizing, cropping, re-wording, filling in. The perfect project for this winter vacation when the boys will be mostly with their father and JP is far away in Bolivia. I treasure the time for myself, and perhaps being sick was just the thing I needed to sit still and get to work.

The boys have been lovely -- all four. Thursday after all my backing and forthing between school, the speech and writing therapist, handball, etc., and before that at the winery helping with the last minute things JP needed to do before his departure (I already sick) I just wanted to collapse. So they handled their own dinner, dishes, etc., and I was able to do just that.

Goodness I'm grateful. Last night and this morning as well Leo and Jonas both have been dears. Jojo got his room clean (had to, or we weren't going to Avatar...) and after our VO 3D version of this film (my head pounding near migraine territory at the end) they happily took care of their own dinner, helped with dishes and permitted me to yet again crash early.

Today, I'm almost human. Housekeeping was shared amongst us (they did the bathroom, kitchen table after breakfast and brought their stuff up off the stairwell). I vaccuumed the downstairs, made desserts, corn bread, washed salad, did the shopping, etc., for guests tonight and tomorrow.

Truly, being sick and out of sorts was not on the program this week! But at least some extra rest was possible.

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